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21st September 2023

How Advertising Scores Big with Humour, Passion, and Celebrities

The Rugby World Cup 2023 has kicked off, so lets explore some memorable campaigns.

Grab your pint, take a seat, and let’s dive into the creative madness…

The Rugby World Cup 2023 has kicked off and it’s time to scrum down and explore how major sporting events can become the perfect playground for creating memorable advertising campaigns. So, grab your pint, take a seat, and let’s dive into the creative madness that is advertising during rugby season!

First up, at Hunterlodge we created a multitude of press and social media ad ideas for SOUND Sports Bar at The Cumberland Hotel, all designed to hit the rugby enthusiasts hard.

Nick Friend, Sales Director at Hunterlodge, summed it up perfectly: “What’s not to like… 2 of my favourite things – watching rugby and cheap drinks!” I mean, who can argue with that logic? The client at Cumberland was equally excited, saying, “I like it all – I particularly love the authenticity.”

But how have other companies tackled this rugby madness over the years and gotten their brands into the “front row”? Some have enlisted the help of celebrities. Take Samsung, for example. Back in 2015, they decided to throw comedian Jack Whitehall into a rugby masterclass with legends of the game…It’s all about engagement and what’s more engaging than watching Jack Whitehall trying to tackle some England Rugby royalty?

And speaking of engagement, many of these ads are also using humour as their secret weapon. For Land Rover cheeky banter and over-the-top reactions was the name of the game.

Classic rugby advert
byu/PooPlumber inrugbyunion

But let’s not forget the power of support. Marketeers know that tapping into fans’ passion for their team can skyrocket brand awareness. Take O2, for instance. They’ve been championing the England rugby team with their “Wear the Rose” campaign for a while now. They previously even had the rugby official anthem singer perform the song on top of the O2. In 2015, their animated commercials, titled ‘Make them Giants – Wear the Rose,’ cleverly conveyed the message that by expressing your support, you can elevate them to greatness.

Guinness has taken the power of support further by leading with ‘Guinness Don’t Jinx it’ humorous ads, cleverly using fans’ superstitions to capture the Irish support.

So, as the Rugby World Cup unfolds, remember that in the world of advertising, it’s all about leveraging passion, humour, and a bit of celebrity magic. And if all else fails, just throw in some bold creativity and you’re sure to have a winning campaign! Cheers to advertising that’s as entertaining as the game itself!

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