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11th January 2022

Hard truths of CRM and Marketing Automation

We explore the hard truths and highlight the benefits when CRM and marketing automation are implemented correctly.

CRM and marketing automation should simplify everything. However, it can be overwhelming and unless it’s done properly, using the right systems for your business, and integrated completely, you will never realise the benefits.

Did you know that the biggest problems when implementing CRM and marketing automation are:

  • User adoption struggles – 43% of CRM users only use less than half the features of their CRM system. (Finances Online)
  • Lacking resources – 40% of small to medium enterprises without a CRM say they lack the resources to implement one. (workbooks.com)
  • Lacking IT skills – 38% say they lack the required IT skills. (workbooks.com)
  • Manual data entry – 32% of sales reps spend more than an hour each day on manual data entry. (Finances Online)
  • Resistant to change – 34% of SMEs without a CRM cite resistance to change as an obstacle. (workbooks.com)
  • CRM failure – 47% to 63% suffering some form of problem. (Faye Business Systems Group)

At Hunterlodge, we’ve been helping businesses implement and streamline their CRM and marketing automation for years – increasing conversion rates at every stage of the funnel and eliminating barriers along the way.

Here are some of the hard truths of CRM and marketing automation:

Hard truth #1 – Broken processes lead to failure, faster

Our experience from working with clients is that unsatisfactory CRM and marketing automation processes create inefficiencies that require extra effort to handle workarounds and duplicate tasks.

MYTH: The data migration process is simple, straightforward, and doesn’t require a lot of time or effort.

REALITY: Frankly, if this myth were true, there wouldn’t be nearly as many CRM consulting companies. The data migration process is often the core component of a new CRM implementation, and depending on the source of the data, can be incredibly complicated and time intensive. The ROI of a CRM software system, when properly implemented, can exceed 245%. (IBM)

ROI benefits experienced by businesses using CRM:

Hard truth #2 – Only 5% of companies are using CRM effectively

It’s alarming to think that so few companies are using their CRM software to anywhere near it’s potential.

Across the board, those 5% of companies see the following uplifts:

  • +68.5% targeting of messages
  • +45.9% customer experience
  • +37.7% quality of leads
  • +32.9% MROI

Source: Liana Technologies

Hard truth #3 – Delegating internally often ends in failure

If you’re having trouble delegating successful CRM and automation tasks effectively, many companies are outsourcing marketing automation and here’s why:

There is an easier way! Get in touch and we can help you get to grips with your CRM and Marketing Automation. Contact kim.mclellan@hunterlodge.co.uk






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