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29th October 2021

Facebook: It was only a Meta of time

Our key take outs from Facebook’s recent news

You’ll have seen in the news overnight that Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg announced his vision for the metaverse and the rebrand of Facebook to Meta.

Obviously, this is interesting news because Facebook alone has 2.85 billion users globally as well as Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp each with over 1 billion. This has impacts for everyone not least our clients.

So, here are our key take outs:

  • Keep calm and carry on

Metaverse is in its early stages and so work we’re all doing to connect with our customers on the platforms today will still apply in the metaverse of tomorrow.

  • Fully embrace the Meta rebrand

You’ll see us referring to ‘Meta’ more often in media plans, reports and client calls going forward. Facebook is one of our go to digital advertising tools and by utilising a new name such as ‘Meta’ will help avoid any confusion about what we mean and ensure that there is the confidence that we are utilising other platforms (Instagram, Audience Network, Messenger and WhatsApp).

  • Get excited about the potential of the metaverse

We’re already using Snapchat ads, but soon we’ll be talking about augmented reality ads and then there’s the opportunity to have open days in virtual worlds. That may all seem futuristic but the fact that we’ll be able to start using the most popular platforms in the world has huge benefits, from accessibility, to trust and slick user experiences.

To read more about Meta from Mark Zuckerberg click here.

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