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18th September 2020

‘Dynamic Lineups’ on YouTube – a great new tool in student marketing effectiveness…

YouTube contextual targeting tools turbo charges campaign performance

YouTube provides more options for media precision

Jared Gifford, Digital Performance Manager

At Hunterlodge we are always looking for ways to make our clients campaigns perform and deliver even more effective results. This new contextual targeting tool from YouTube is sure to be a great part of our arsenal.

A survey from pioneering portfolio website, Visual Objects, found that YouTube is the most-visited website by people aged between 18 to 24. With 400 hours of content uploaded every minute, it is no surprise that the website is a rabbit hole for entertainment that has a 78 percent penetration rate in the UK.

Whether it’s a cooking video via an iPad rested on a kitchen counter, or a favourite entertainment vlogger on a connected TV, YouTube has not only become the most popular streaming service, but also a powerful advertising tool.

A recent blog from YouTube cited that ‘on average, advertisers saw that shifting just 20% of spend from TV to YouTube generated a 25% increase to the total campaign reach within their target audience, lowering the cost per reach point by almost 20%’.

Just recently, YouTube announced a fresh form of contextual targeting named ‘Dynamic Lineups’ taking contextual targeting within the platform to a new level.

The feature is an update to YouTube’s algorithm, that allows advertisers to tap into packages of channels and video content that is organised through cultural moments and granular topics. Through harnessing Google’s machine learning technology, YouTube can find content based on imagery, sound, speech and text, and identify exactly what category the video belongs to.

From a higher education perspective, this provides extraordinary opportunity to present education possibilities to Generation Z in front of the videos they love. 300 pre-packaged dynamic line-ups have already been created for advertisers to target, with a key package being ‘Gen Z Influencer Spotlight’ that targets the vloggers and bloggers loved by this age group.

A study from Mobile Marketer found that 70% of Generation Z users followed at least one influencer on platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

Not only can universities and colleges make use of influencer content that appeals to a Gen Z audience, but also more specific categories that meet the needs of different higher education prospects. Universities can utilise a UK travel vlog lineup to reach potential international students or a business and finance lineup to reach those interested in a business management degree.

Coupled with behavioural targeting, Dynamic Lineups provide cost-effective video advertising that allows Universities and Colleges to be at the forefront of potential enrollers without their ads being scrolled past or pushed to the side-lines.

We are really excited about using this targeting with our client’s campaigns – ‘helping students make better decisions’ and helping university campaigns be even more effective.

To find out how we can help you be more effective get in touch with our Education Director simon.bracewell@hunterlodge.co.uk

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