Running a successful CRM and Marketing Automation programme doesn’t need to be difficult. Like everything, systematic planning and a structured approach is all that’s required to get it right.

There are four key factors that need to be considered when planning any successful business programme:

  1. People
  2. Process
  3. Technology
  4. Data

These cornerstones of digitally driven programme performance are universal and fundamental, but if not given the proper consideration and attention from the beginning they can lead to complete failure.

This simple questionnaire is designed to evaluate these four factors and aims to diagnose the health and current state of your CRM and Automation, providing you with practical advice on how you can start improving your programme performance.

Just answer 10 multiple choice questions to get your diagnosis now…



Q1. Our CRM/automation strategy is aligned with our organisation's business objectives.(Required)
Q2. Our CRM/automation strategy is realistic with our organisations current capabiliities.(Required)


Q3. The way we work with CRM/automation is collaborative and efficient.(Required)
Q4. Our CRM/automation programme is making a visible contribution to our organisation's performance/success.(Required)


Q5. We know what skills we need to run a successful CRM/automation programme.(Required)
Q6. We have the skills required to run a successful CRM/automation programme.(Required)


Q7. We have CRM/automation technology that complements our business and marketing strategies.(Required)
Q8. Our CRM/automation technology is integrated, configured well, and performing to its expected potential.(Required)


Q9. We have a prospect/ client data strategy.(Required)
Q10. We have a data mining mechanism in place to segment, cleanse, refresh and add new data.(Required)

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