DIAGNOSIS: High Skill / Right Tools AND Strategically Misaligned / Uncoordinated

ADVICE: Defend

The most competent employees and informed subject matter experts cannot perform to their potential without leadership and effective management processes.

The task of leading an effective CRM and Automation programme requires its own level of sophistication and expertise. The combination of tech, data, people, and processes means leaders need to have a breadth and depth of understanding that other areas of the business may not require. It also means that someone with specialist knowledge of one area may not be best suited to manage all parts of the programme. This discipline within the marketing sphere is the one to suffer most from the ‘one-eyed man’ syndrome. Beware of overconfident specialists claiming to be discipline generalists.

Analyse your performance gaps and compare these to your knowledge, skill, and technical resource. A successful programme should run without the peril of delays, workarounds, or overly manual processes. If this is the norm then it is time re-evaluate leadership and management and reconfigure before pressing on.

We can Help.

At Hunterlodge, we’ve been helping businesses like yours overcome the difficulties of managing successful CRM and marketing automation for years – helping leaders understand the separation of functions within the function and identifying process and resource issues and the root causes behind insufficient performance – increasing conversion rates at every stage of the funnel along the way.

It’s our dedication to effectiveness that makes our marketing technology specialists, CRM experts and content guru’s tick. And we understand that in a data driven world, our know-how will keep your prospects on the track to conversion.

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