DIAGNOSIS: Low Skill / No Tools AND Strategically Aligned / Highly Coordinated

ADVICE: Defend

Inspired leaders and skilled managers can’t make an unskilled or under equipped workforce perform.

Proceed cautiously until your people are equipped, skilled and organised to compete efficiently and effectively.

The best bet is to dial back your efforts and redress the balance. Training staff and/or getting the right tech in place can take time but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. Investing now will save headaches and your bottom line in the future.

Evaluate staff skills and competencies against a standardised framework such as the ‘Conscious Competence Ladder’ using criteria derived from a combination of objective and tactical ambitions to identify over and/or underrepresented skills and knowledge gaps.

When it comes to tech, the problem may be that you have no tech, the wrong tech, or the right tech poorly configured and implemented.  Either way, evaluation, selection, configuration, and implementation all require discreet skills and knowledge to get it right. Get the right advice from experts for each stage and always check solutions for fit against your business objectives.

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At Hunterlodge, we’ve been helping businesses like yours overcome the fundamental barriers implementing successful CRM and marketing automation for years – collaborating with, training teams, and offering tech agnostic service from procurement to implementation and all points in between and increasing conversion rates at every stage of the funnel along the way.

It’s our dedication to effectiveness that makes our marketing technology specialists, CRM experts and content guru’s tick. And we understand that in a data driven world, our know-how will keep your prospects on the track to conversion.

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