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18th December 2023

Continuing our commitment to environmental conservation

We got involved in a tree-planting project at the nearby Woodoaks Farm.

This project is part of a broader series of initiatives aimed at transforming Woodoaks Farm into a thriving hub of biodiversity and community engagement.

The farm has been in the Findlay Family since the 1920’s and in November 2020 Sally Findlay donated Woodoaks to the Soil Association Land Trust to ensure it would be farmed sustainably into the future: producing good food, improving wildlife and continuing to welcome people. This includes transitioning the farm to organic, becoming a showcase for plenty of biodiversity, creating a vibrant and dynamic sustainable food hub and together providing community engagement. With this in mind one of the first steps to transform the farm is to re-establish hedgerows – creating habitats for local wildlife, whilst also bringing benefits for soil and climate.



So on Friday a group of Hunterlodgers rolled up their sleeves and got muddy! Over the past two years, Hunterlodge and 200 community volunteers, have worked tirelessly to plant over 2 kilometers of hedges. Since the Second World War 50% of UK hedgerows have been lost, removed to make space for intensive agriculture. These new hedges will play a crucial role in the restoration process, contributing to creating a diverse and sustainable ecosystem for many years to come.



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