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29th August 2023

Content Done Right, Makes A Difference

"Effective content is about meeting your objectives while staying true to your brand's vision, mission, and values."

In a world where content is king, our latest Content Showreel offers a glimpse into the heart and soul of Hunterlodge’s content offering.

With over 36 years of developing creative content with financial clients, take a moment to watch some of our recent work as well as our content showreel, so you can see what we’re all about.

At the heart of Hunterlodge’s content excellence lies a meticulous process. Effective content doesn’t simply happen; it’s the result of a carefully crafted strategy. “We always start with a clear content strategy,” says Aaron Garside, Head of Content at Hunterlodge. “It’s about meeting your objectives while staying true to your brand’s vision, mission, and values.”

Aaron Garside, our Head of Content on set…

The journey begins with a strategic orientation that takes into account audience insights, brand vision, and competitor analysis. From this foundation emerges their unique tone of voice analysis and content pillars – overarching themes that serve as the bedrock for their content framework.

Content planning follows suit, as we delve into existing content with a discerning eye. SEO analysis uncovers the audience’s search trends, guiding the creation of a meticulously designed content calendar that spans up to a year. This calendar is not just a collection of dates; it’s a canvas where relevant events from the wider world, industry, brand, and audience’s lives converge.

But it’s the magic of editorial planning that truly elevates our content approach. Through collaborative editorial boards, comprised of minds from both client and agency sides, a tapestry of creativity is woven. The result? An editorial synopsis that meticulously details each piece’s essence, execution, and call to action. This vision is translated into an editorial calendar that provides a year-long roadmap for content creation.

“With three phases of planning and a 12-step creative process, we cover all bases – including tone of voice, content pillars, SEO analysis, and much more,” Aaron explains. “Plus, if you need some tactical content created efficiently, then we can do that too.”

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