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9th March 2023

Charlotte Macken on living the dream in Malta

My top 5 highlights from 5 days of filming content in Malta

“Every location we filmed in offered a picturesque backdrop that is impossible to put into words”

Recently, I was given the opportunity to be the lead Director on Hunterlodge’s first international shoot! I spent 5 days on the island of Gozo filming content for our client Queen Mary University of London promoting their esteemed medical school. The experience was truly surreal and full of highs so here are my top 5 highlights:

1. The warmth of the people. It is already widely known that Maltese people are known for their warmth and hospitality but to experience this first hand was an amazing experience. Everyone welcomed us with open arms into their own little piece of paradise. They were more than happy to go above and beyond, and all their interactions and passions were genuine which added to the authenticity of our films. Based on the kindness of locals, I got to go orange picking in an orchard, tour the development of a hotel and get my first taste of rabbit (which tastes a lot like chicken).

2. The gorgeous Island of Gozo. It truly has everything to offer from crystal clear waters to rugged cliffsides – every location we filmed in offered a picturesque backdrop that is impossible to put into words and was truly breath-taking (even in December!).

3. The great tasting coffee. Working on a shoot means early starts and there are tons of locally owned cafés. A coffee and pastry set me back just €2.

4. The trip to Comino Island. Comino Island is a small island that is about a 20-minute boat ride from Gozo. The island had such a fun atmosphere, with delicious food and drink stalls, beaches to sunbathe on and clear waters to swim in. Definitely worth a visit!

5. The feedback we got. Both the client and the participants that we filmed had a fantastic experience which they shared with us at the end of the shoot.  It was just the cherry on top of an already amazing week.

I hope you enjoyed reading my highlights – I cannot wait to go back! You can watch some of the films we made below.


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