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23rd May 2023

Championing a Greener World: Our Environmental Impact

We reflect on how we've done in the post pandemic years.

We must deliver on our promises and embrace change, leveraging our position in the digital advertising industry to influence others…

Since 2017, we implemented three SMART Objectives to gauge our progress towards sustainability goals: reducing electricity consumption by 3%, minimizing paper wastage by 5%, and decreasing photocopying by 5%. However, the pandemic disrupted our plans and introduced a “new normal” in 2022. As we reflect on the post pandemic years, we question whether we maintained sustainability or reverted to old habits.

Sustainability is ingrained in our everyday language as we hear about climate catastrophes and soaring energy costs – even the UK experienced unprecedented heat and wildfires which further highlights the urgency to act.

So how did we do against our Three Objectives?

In 2022, despite a 74% increase in electricity consumption compared to the pandemic years, we managed to stay 48% below the 2019 levels, which is remarkable given the higher staff count.

We maintained a paperless culture for the second consecutive year in 2022, ensuring a sustainable approach to paper wastage for the foreseeable future.

In both 2021 and 2022, we achieved a 100% reduction in photocopying, demonstrating our commitment to a digital environment and even planning to remove two photocopiers from our office.

This is all great news but what are our aims going forward?

  • To continue to reduce electricity consumption by a further 5% in 2023, through self-consumption. Our solar panels support our self-consumption along with exporting energy to the national grid.
  • To use no paper and plant trees in 2023.
  • To explore more ways we can work together in the community to increase our knowledge on sustainability and volunteering. We are already working with a local farm to plant more hedgerows.


Leaving the best until last, we have had the opportunity to work on several sustainable projects with our clients. It’s amazing to see some of the great work our Creative team presented for Queen Mary Humanities courses and on videos for Gatwick Airport showcasing their sustainable collaborations with local suppliers.

We must deliver on our promises and embrace change, leveraging our position in the digital advertising industry to influence others and make environmental considerations a part of our conversations with clients, suppliers, and colleagues.


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