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Volkswagen Group Leasing: Award-Winning Data-Driven Strategy

Leveraging the power of business and behavioural data to lift the lid on vehicle procurement.

The Start

Volkswagen Group Leasing (VGL) had identified potential growth within the public sector, specifically through the Crown Commercial Service’s Supplier Portal (CCSSP).

Our challenge was to increase business through the portal. We got stuck into the data, identifying the size of the market and VGL’s position within it. We needed a multi-marque message to promote the range of non-asset-based products and services. Finally, we wanted to drive leads through a structured CRM campaign of direct marketing and telesales, resulting in requests for quotes through the CCSSP.

The Middle

Data analysis showed what was really happening within CCSSP, and how vehicles were being procured. We wanted to raise awareness of and capitalise on the power of the group. From this, the ‘Pick and Mix’ concept was born – choosing a vehicle through VGL is no different from picking your favourite sweets from the sweet counter.


Customers can pick whatever car they want from VGL’s perfect mix of vehicles and non-asset-based products and services.

The End

The Results

We were tasked with generating 18,000 quotes – we delivered 19,516. Our goal was 1,115 orders, but sales figures confirmed 2,326 orders. VGL also wanted to move to position 1 in the sales of Group vehicles (Volkswagen, Audi, SKODA, SEAT) in the CCS portal – our campaign helped them to achieve this. VGL wanted to create 60 directly attributable leads from its first wave of public sector direct marketing, for the sales team to convert, but in fact created a total of 120 leads.

Strong, consistent messaging delivered a significant shift in the number of public sector customers leasing non-group vehicles – moving from 46% multi-marque to 55%.

Using historic conversion figures, plus a forecasted conversion rate, we calculated an ROI of £13 for every £1 invested – truly effective marketing and advertising. The campaign also won a Financial Services Forum award for B2B Marketing Effectiveness.

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