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Volkswagen Financial Services – Data management, CRM, and marketing

The transformation drove exceptional results, smashed targets and delivered significant added value to our business.

Mark Miller

Marketing Director

The problem

Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS) were facing a stalemate when it came to data management, CRM, and marketing platforms. Salesforce appeared to be the primary CRM system with no perceivable rhyme or reason for its existence. Conversations from Germany were questioning if it was even the right system and adoption was minimal across the organisation.

But even worse, the attitude towards it was very hostile. The simple truth – the sales team hated change and anything that got in the way of selling or enabled the business to put too fine a lens on the detail of their day-to-day activities.

The solution

After an initial audit and evaluation of the systems and business processes, we recommended that they retain Salesforce and instigate a programme to get it embraced by the organisation. In addition, it was recommended that they add Pardot as a data and automation solution in order to exploit the true potential of the tools. The journey then began… We created, shaped, managed, and supported VWFS in deploying Salesforce across the business.

The Top 10 work streams introduced were:

  1. Business Objectives – the overarching vision for the system, the measurable outcomes, and the elevator pitch for VWFS’s Salesforce
  2. Sales Process and Customer Journey Flows
  3. Development of Data, CRM, and Sales Strategies
  4. User Auditing and Definition – who, what, where, when, why and how
  5. System Governance – from Sales and Marketing to IT and Finance
  6. System Configuration and Rationalisation – from data categorisation, definition and field specification to system integration and reporting
  7. Salesforce Training Programme and Stakeholder workshops – driving culture through advocacy and champions
  8. Key Account Insights – capturing, storing, and managing insight from multiple business intelligence sources and reports
  9. Day to Day Data Management
  10. CRM and Data Mining – ongoing profiling of data based on affinity and propensity

Stakeholder definition

We worked with VWFS to clearly define every Salesforce internal stakeholder, mapping their reason for usage to level of access and permission. We then got this championed by the Head of Sales to communicate to each individual their relationship with Salesforce and link to business goals.

Field configuration and categorisation

All data fields were reviewed and their purpose for completion established. Salesforce was then configured so compulsory, mandatory, and optional fields were set and companies and contacts could not be moved through the pipeline without the relevant data completion.

Dashboard development

Appreciating senior adoption would not be high, we worked with every senior stakeholder across the business (C-Suite, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations, HR, Account Management, Customer Service, Servicing, etc.) through 121 sessions to tailor their dashboard, giving them the information, they wanted from Salesforce at the click of a button. A series of training workshops followed, along with comprehensive reference material to reinforce training and clarify technology and process changes was a vital part in aiding the adoption and changing of behaviour. We produced bespoke user manuals and reference materials based on the outcomes of each project to ensure the content was as relevant as possible.

Far more than a simple user guide with point and click instructions, the manuals marry systems configuration, and processes and can be customised to differing levels of responsibility and access to information.

The outcome

Following a focus on data, pipeline management and CRM, VWFS were 128% of their stretch vehicle target in the first quarter and by the end of the year were 142% ahead of their targets. Adoption of Salesforce across the sales, account management and customer service departments moved from 12% to 100%. The C-Suite all have their very own bespoke dashboards and sales meetings are all run from Salesforce. Their culture has changed – if it’s not in Salesforce it doesn’t exist!

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