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University of Leicester – Driving Social Change

A double award-winning campaign utilising powerful media to drive emotional connections in public policy debate.

The Start:

The University of Leicester aimed to amplify its global recognition and establish itself as a thought leader in public policy debates. Their vision took shape in the form of Leicester Exchanges, a series of high-profile events that we facilitated.

The mission was clear: engage with government officials, influencers, and the public, positioning the university as a frontrunner in social policy discussions.

The Middle:

We embarked on an integrated brand awareness campaign, meticulously tailored to diverse audience segments. The strategy was to create a buzz offline, utilising local, regional, and national media. To maximise impact, this was complemented by a robust online presence, featuring targeted advertising and active social media engagement.

Despite budget constraints, the team strategically allocated resources to media channels with extensive reach and long-lasting influence. National and regional press, Out of Home (OOH), and radio broadcasts became the canvas for the campaign. The ‘burst’ approach, deploying high-frequency campaigns over a concentrated period, magnified the impact, fostering an emotional connection and enabling widespread discovery of the issues at hand.

Each creative execution included a clear call to action, guiding the audience to platforms where they could voice their opinions and actively participate.



The End:

Leicester Exchanges not only achieved full event attendance but also exceeded all expectations in online engagement. The prison reform event, one of the highlights, drove remarkable outcomes: over 100,000 website visits, 22,000 additional social media followers, an average engagement of 500+ per social media post, 526 user-generated comments, and 257 retweets. The success of Leicester Exchanges enhanced the global recognition of the University of Leicester and the initiative provided a platform for voices to be heard, opinions to be shared, and ideas to flourish.

In a testament to its effectiveness, Leicester Exchanges received prestigious accolades. In its inaugural year, the initiative was honoured with two Heist Gold Awards – Best Strategic Campaign and Best Corporate Campaign.


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