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University of Leicester: Driving Social Change

A double award-winning campaign utilising powerful media to drive emotional connections in public policy debate.

The Start

The University of Leicester is passionate about research, and its academics regularly contribute towards social policy discussions. Hunterlodge was tasked with helping the university to achieve their goal of greater global recognition, through a series of high-profile events: Leicester Exchanges.

We wanted to cement the university’s position as a thought leader in public policy debate and enhance its growing reputation amongst opinion leaders and experts. We needed to engage with three key audiences: government officials, opinion formers/influencers, and the general public.

The Middle

We created an integrated brand awareness campaign, focusing on audience segmentation and delivered through local, regional and national media channels. After gaining attention offline, we supported this with extensive online advertising, backed up with social media engagement. Our budget was fairly tight, so we had to work hard to maximise its value.

With heavyweight matters being debated, it was important to utilise powerful media, establish an emotional connection, and enable discovery – discovery in this case being the wider impact of the issues concerned.

The End

We therefore allocated the largest part of the budget to media with a mass reach and the power to deliver long-term effects. These channels worked hard, highlighting the significance of each issue to the wider public, and included national and regional press, OOH (Out of Home) and radio. We used a ‘burst’ approach, with a high-frequency campaign running over a relatively short period of time, for added impact.

All creative executions within the campaign had a clear direct response mechanism, directing people to where they could go to have their say and get involved.

The Results

On top of full event attendance, website and social engagement far surpassed our client’s expectations. The prison reform event alone generated: over 100,000 website visits, 22,000 additional social media followers, average engagement of 500+ per social media post, 526 user-generated comments, and 257 retweets.

In its first year, Leicester Exchanges was recognised for its effectiveness with two Heist Gold Awards – for Best Strategic Campaign and Best Corporate Campaign.

We are proud to have helped launch such an important initiative, which also gave us the opportunity to produce some striking creative around the central theme: The floor is yours.



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