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University of East London – PG Main Cycle Campaign

The Start

Our mission began with a challenge: to create a buzz and drive action among postgraduate (PG) audiences and influential figures for our client’s January and April open days, while also ensuring a consistent increase in annual applications.

The Middle

In our pursuit of these objectives, we carefully selected our media channels, each playing a unique role in our strategy:

Out of Home (OOH): OOH channels allowed us to captivate the attention of our target audience in key locations.

Addressable TV (Finecast): Television remains a potent medium, and with Finecast, we could finely target our messaging to reach specific audiences. It allowed us to deliver tailored content directly to individuals who were most likely to be interested in further study.

Online Gaming (Twitch): We ventured into the world of online gaming because we knew it held a passionate and tech-savvy audience.

Digital Audio (Spotify): Music and podcasts are part of our daily lives, making Spotify an ideal channel to reach our audience.

Higher Education Portals (WhatUni and Postgrad.com): We recognised that prospective PG students often turn to trusted portals for guidance. WhatUni and Postgrad.com provided email packages and a platform where our client’s open days could be prominently featured, making it easy for students to find the information they needed.

The End

  • Every channel outperformed our expectations, proving the power of a well-rounded media strategy.


  • Addressable TV reached exactly the right viewers, resulting in an astonishing 98% VTR, surpassing channel benchmarks.


  • Twitch, with its dedicated community, provided an unexpected but incredibly engaged audience, creating a buzz around our client’s open days with a remarkable 97% VTR.


  • Postgrad.com, a hub for higher education seekers, directed a flood of traffic directly from their site and emails to our UEL’s registration pages, resulting in a remarkable 270% uplift in student interactions.


  • Spotify’s audio ads, delivering £18,000 in added value through over-delivery of impressions, resonated with listeners, driving home the message of our client’s innovative programs.

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