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University of East London – Brand Awareness Campaign

We’re so excited about this campaign and have already planned a team day out to go and admire it.

Senior Marketing Manager

University of East London

The Start

We were tasked with delivering a campaign that would increase brand recognition, provide cut-through against key competitors, and reach a wide, diverse audience of stakeholders, including staff, academia, businesses, educators and the general public. The campaign needed to launch with a large splash in key areas (Stratford, selected sites in East London, feeder schools and competitor sites).

The Middle

We developed a strong campaign with placements including 6 Sheets within 500m of 21 of their feeder schools, Digital 6 Sheets at Stratford Station, Lamp Post Banners near the campus, and the Large Digital Format at the Stratford Shopping Centre. We’ve also got some print ads in the likes of THE Magazine and Hackney Citizen. Plus, UEL’s first ever mural will be live at the Powerleague Shoreditch.


The End

We’ve just started campaigning, but it’s looking good so far…






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