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Unisys – Making people more effective

A truly collaborative project that has moved us on substantially as a business. Thanks for everything HL.

Senior CRM Manager


The Start

Like many organisations, Unisys had all the systems and most of the tools, but were unable to utilise them to full effect for the business. The challenge to Hunterlodge was to help them develop and shape their strategy moving forward to integrate sales and marketing within an extremely tight time-frame.

The Middle

Hunterlodge worked with Unisys to provide strategic consultancy and implementation support for maximising their marketing efforts through their data, systems and tools – it all started with listening…

Our analytic approach included:

  • Sales Auditing – carrying our detailed interviews with VP’s, Directors, Division Heads, Industry and Technical experts. Again, we were looking closely at who, why and how people engage and contract with Unisys


  • Overarching Strategy – the insight pointed to the common theme of ‘Unisys helping people be more effective’…and that’s exactly what we had to mirror internally. How can we use systems and technology to help our sales and account management teams be more effective?


  • Sales Strategy – we worked closely with the VP & GM Head of EMEA, Sales and Business Development to work out a clear vision of Unisys’ direction of travel and distilled this to SMART objectives that the various Sales Directors could respond to. It revolved around being known by and developing relationships with 452 organisations


  • Launch – developed a launch strategy at Barcelona and shaped a continual programme of engagement


  • Training and Development – provided system support to both SFDC and Eloqua in order for teams to implement and report on the above strategy including full bespoke dashboard creation


  • Thought Leadership – through on-line listening and social media listening tools, we not only identified where and what all the conversations in the industry were, but who was having them. We then developed a targeted influence and decision maker thought leadership seeding campaign


  • CRM – utilising data, customer journey analysis, lead scoring, purchase intent and marketing activity to look at ‘triggered’ sales follow up and lead development


  • Social Media Integration – carried out full integration of SFDC and LinkedIn via Sales Navigator – again to monitor the network and see who’s connected to who and who is consuming and sharing what content


  • Performance Management – for two consecutive quarters, we carried out continual analytics that informed future strategies


  • Iterative Strategy Refinements – based on analysis of data and relationship status development, we made continual recommendations on marketing initiatives until this came habitual.


The End

A dedicated and prolonged approach of sharpened market focus, vertical alignment, key account strategies, data and CRM helped Unisys see the Total Contract Value signed increasing by 13% year on year.


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