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SOUND Sports Bar – Leveraging the Rugby World Cup to increase footfall

The rugby creative executions went down very well with the C-Level team.

Kevin Lee

Head of Brand & Marketing

The Start

SOUND Sports Bar, located at The Cumberland Hotel, faced a challenge of low awareness and dwindling footfall among potential customers in London. While historically attracting tourists, post-work drinkers, and music enthusiasts due to The Cumberland’s heritage and proximity to Oxford Street and Hyde Park, the bar needed a strategy to regain attention and increase foot traffic.


The Middle

Operating on a limited budget, a compelling promotional offer became the focal point. Leveraging the excitement around the Rugby World Cup, we introduced a 50% discount during all matches, concentrating efforts on the knockout phases. To create buzz, we strategically placed three advertisements in the Metro’s weekly Entertainment section on the Fridays preceding the Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals.


These print ads were complemented by organic social ads.


And hyper-targeted mobile advertising within a 2-mile radius of the Sports Bar, executed through our partner, AdMaxim.




The End

The campaign’s effectiveness was measured using AdMaxim’s advanced analytics, allowing for a direct comparison of footfall uplift against a control group not exposed to the ads. Over the four-week campaign period, the results were unequivocal. 258 unique device IDs, indicative of individuals present for at least 10 minutes, were detected at SOUND Sports Bar. This demonstrated a significant increase in foot traffic, showcasing the campaign’s success in enhancing both awareness and footfall for the venue.

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