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SOUND Cafe, London – Footfall Campaign

The Start: 

SOUND Cafe embarked on a campaign aimed at boosting footfall and enhancing brand visibility over the historically quiet months of January and February. With a strategic focus on mobile advertising, the campaign sought to capitalise on targeted audience profiling and messaging to drive significant ROI and foot traffic. The objectives were clear: maximise return on investment and increase footfall by leveraging precise audience segmentation and strategic ad delivery.

The Middle: 

Employing sophisticated technology and data analysis, we partnered with AdMaxim to craft a compelling mobile campaign. Audience profiling involved targeting adults within a 2-mile radius of SOUND Cafe, as well as users seen at competitor establishments. The campaign divided the audience into control and exposed groups, enabling direct comparison and analysis. AdMaxim’s Pinpoint™ technology facilitated precise ad delivery, ensuring that the ‘50% off food’ offer reached the optimum audience.


The End: 

The campaign exceeded expectations across key performance indicators. With an ROI of £2.70 for every £1 spent, the campaign demonstrated remarkable profitability, generating significant revenue for SOUND Cafe. Moreover, the campaign led to a remarkable 94% increase in footfall after users were exposed to the mobile ads.

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