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SEKO Logistics – Best Practice PPC

Massive Kudos to Team Hunterlodge for all the hard work that has been going on behind the scenes on the PPC account restructure, something is definitely working as it was highlighted in our recent January sales conference that PPC conversion from leads to opportunities has increased to a massive 50%! – The highest it’s ever been!

Lisa Trodd

Head of Marketing EMEA, SEKO Logistics

The Start

Following a full audit and review of SEKO’s PPC activity which included; keyword analysis, landing page analysis, competitor reviews, campaign budget analysis and allocations, conversion point review and a full bid strategy review, we recommended that the current PPC structure was both outdated and did not follow best practice guidelines.

The Middle

We identified a number of areas that would help get the best campaign performance possible, including;

  1. Updating outdated Google ad practices such as single keyword ad groups (SKAGs).
  2. Removing broad match modified keywords, which have been discontinued by Google ads.
  3. Addressing ad copy which was highlighted as being of a weaker strength.
  4. Streamlining campaigns, so there was limited overlap.

Off the back of this we proposed a full restructure for their PPC account to bring it in line with Google’s most up to date best practices, including the creation of new ad extensions (sitelinks, structured snippets, callouts, call).

The End

The results speak for themselves:

  • Average CTR has increased from 2.88% to 4.38%
  • Average CPC has decreased from £4.90 to £4


To discuss how we can help make your PPC as effective as it deserves to be, contact nick.friend@hunterlodge.co.uk

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