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Secret Stories with Ordnance Survey

We’ve been overwhelmed by the response and wanted to reach out and say a huge thank you for all your support.

Liz Beverly

Strategic Lead

The Background

Created with families in mind, the app aims to transform local walks around the southwest of England into mini adventures. The app skillfully takes advantage of Ordnance Survey’s unparalleled mapping capabilities to allow users to be guided around the stories using a simple, user-friendly map.

To support the launch of Secret Stories, Hunterlodge were tasked with driving awareness of the new app and ultimately downloads from the app store. With a target of a 4% conversion rate and the challenge of promoting a new app during the height of lockdown, we were forced to think strategically about our approach.


The first phase of the campaign encompassed stories and tours within the Hampshire region. Due to the client’s distinct objectives, a purely digital approach was utilised, allowing us to target a defined family-oriented audience at scale and to do so in measurable manner. Facebook and Instagram were the recommended channels to achieve this, having proven highly effective at driving both awareness and direct response. Additionally, these channels supported integration with purchased custom audience lists, allowing us to obtain relevant app data and target users with a proven affinity for family-based mobile apps. Facebook and Instagram also feed seamlessly into Ordnance Survey’s preferred app measurement and attribution platform, Adjust, reaffirming our choice of digital channels.

We then harnessed the learnings from the first phase to amplify our success during the second phase, which promoted tours and stories within Surrey and West Sussex. The second phase of the campaign targeted solely iPhone users as a result of iOS devices delivering incomparably strong results during phase one, enabling us to surpass our predicted results with regards to cost per install and conversion rate.




The Hampshire activity produced fantastic results, reaching half a million users and delivering almost 2 million impressions. In addition to driving a vast amount of awareness amongst parents located within Hampshire, the quality of the impressions was proven high, with almost 10% of clicks translating into direct app store downloads.

This effectiveness was then improved upon during the second phase of the campaign, with the Surrey and West Sussex activity delivering an impressive conversion rate of 16.49%. Not only was this 72% higher than the conversion rate obtained during the first phase but it also led to a 12% lower cost per install being achieved during the second phase.

See the Ordnance Survey Secret Stories Facebook Advertisements below.

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