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Rockwell Automation – Converting Intelligence into Sales

Smart strategic planning based on audience and market research cleverly positioned within a content-mapped decision-making process.

The Start

When we began working with Rockwell Automation, a key issue for them was a lack of defined market and audience intelligence.

Hunterlodge was brought on board as a strategic partner, with the goal of creating quality leads for the sales team. Our remit included research intelligence, strategic insight, planning, design and promotion, direct marketing, sales and promotion tools and evaluation metrics.

The Middle

The task was much bigger than just creating a nice advertising campaign or direct mail piece. Smart strategic planning was needed, based on audience and market research. We needed to position sales promotion and direct marketing within a content-mapped decision-making process, linking both on and offline marketing. Our approach was focused on understanding the audience – their mindset, behaviours and decision paths – in order to provide the most appropriate solutions.



The key to success here was viewing the campaign not as B2B or B2C, but as P2P – person to person. It was about understanding the audience, their key concerns and barriers to engage, and delivering bespoke, relevant communications at the right time. We also needed to move away from traditional marketing, towards a more integrated pipeline.

The End

We needed to deliver a direct response campaign that generated suitable leads, and also position Rockwell Automation as a thought leader within their industry. We used a combination of paid, earned and owned media including publications, PR, SEM and online. For direct response we focused heavily on direct mail and email, microsite engagement, data capture and structured CRM profiling.

A series of industry guides, case studies, digestible videos and white papers established Rockwell Automation as an authority in this field. This was available on the website but some key information was gated, to help us gather customer data. With live analytics on the site, we could see what each customer was engaging with. So if they downloaded maintenance information, a maintenance case study was sent out and telemarketing got in touch to discuss their requirements.

We also produced some tailored and highly impactful DM pieces based on our strategic intelligence, communicating key issues and how Rockwell Automation could help solve these. These included water-powered calculators in a personalised box, and hydrochromatic inks that were totally white until you ran them under water. They were personalised with individual URLs, and we used the website to capture data for the CRM system.



The Results

The campaign generated Rockwell Automation’s best-ever results, including: 328 verified leads for £5 million contracts and above, a 38% response rate from company contact through to qualified lead across EMEA, and a sales team satisfaction jump from 20% to 75% thanks to more joined-up marketing and communications.

Within 18 months, water wastewater across Europe moved from $19 million to $40 million in turnover. All results have been fed back into strategic planning and improvements continue to be made, including a remodelled website, an updated search engine marketing strategy, and the use of social in conjunction with email to boost conversion.

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