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Queen Mary’s HEIST SILVER Award Winning International Campaign

“A comprehensive and well executed campaign that delivered excellent outcomes. Congratulations to the Queen Mary University of London Malta Campus, whose creative approach and detailed entry really impressed our judges”

The Judges Comments

Campaign Overview

The Background:

Queen Mary in Malta was a relatively new offering for the University – a chance for ambitious medics to get a top 10 UK medicine degree with a world-renowned medical school in a paradise location in the Mediterranean. ​

The challenge was to continually grow the reputation while at the same time continuing to hit recruitment targets to make it sustainable and financially viable.


A creative proposition that shouted ‘unique’

Through student surveys and interviews, it became quite clear that what students liked about this was the world-class UK degree and the fact that it was in the sunny climes of the beautiful island of Malta. From there, our creative proposition was born: ‘The best of both worlds’.

Digital first media strategy

We planned the entire customer journey, from top of the funnel awareness and consideration to bottom funnel conversions, utilising all digital touch points. As our media plan was all digital, we carefully chose inventory within the channels that would ensure both an emotional and a rational connection.

Awareness and consideration channels

We chose to mainly use social media to drive awareness and salience among different audiences, while also generating response and allowing us to place different creative and messaging in the newsfeeds of our segmented target audiences in a native format.  ​

Direct Response Channels

​PPC was our key channel for supporting our other ad placements and for capturing in-market demand at the point of most interest, whilst users were actively searching for relevant keywords.​

Our PPC copy utilised the new Responsive Search Ads formats (Google’s AI technology for combining the best performing headlines and descriptions) and remarketing strategies via RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads).



If you are interested in seeing some of the video content for Queen Mary’s Malta campaign; click on the links below:


In total, 90 students enrolled to start the course in September 2020, which was 150% of the original target of 60 and over 200% of last year’s numbers. The breakdown of enrolments was 42 International, 13 EU and 35 UK.

As well as hitting application targets, our content strategy was also hugely successful and ensured that application to enrolment figures were 31% higher than they were the previous year – considering we were aiming for 8-10% we were delighted with the result. As well as being engaging and relevant, we reacted to Brexit and COVID-19 in an agile way, ensuring that we used insight to inform messaging and deliver content that was ‘right place and right time’ for our audience.


Client testimonials:

“A massive congrats, a true team effort!! So proud, thank you so much HL team”.

Harri Tatnell

Marketing and Student Recruitment Manager, Malta Campus

“Fantastic! Well done to everyone involved – it is pure gold in my book. Striking campaign which drove results. Congratulations!”

Priti Patel

Assistant Director of Marketing

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