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Queen Mary University of London – UG Campaign

The power of great creative, great media and even greater team work! Amazing!

Priti Patel

Assistant Director Marketing and Communications

The Start

The challenge was to capture the essence of QMUL and the attributes that really makes it unique. It needed to be more inspiring than competitors and sufficiently flexible to evolve and last at least two recruitment cycles as well as working for both UK and international audiences.

The Middle

Through rigorous commitment to upfront strategic work, we ensured a single, shared understanding of how QMUL should position themselves to all target audience groups.

We took a selection of propositions to focus groups of prospects at local schools (UG) / and current students (PG).

Following this the proposition ‘Brilliance knows no boundaries’ was the standout single-minded proposition.

This gave us the starting point and ‘Everyone could be the one’ was born.

We planned the entire year of activity from awareness and consideration campaigns to recruitment campaigns.

We carefully chose inventory that ensured both an emotional and rational connection – as well as being highly targeted to 17–18-year-olds and key influencers (UK and International) to ensure minimal audience wastage.


OOH and In School Posters:


Spotify audio and accompanying banners:




The End

By the end of 2021, QMUL had recruited 6,015 students – 1,753 coming through Clearing (where the remaining target was 1,300).


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