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Queen Mary University of London – Centre for Commercial Law Studies Campaign

The Start

Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) Law School, renowned globally, briefed us to once again deliver a digital marketing campaign to attract prospective students worldwide. With diverse LLM pathways and campuses in London, Paris, Singapore, and online, the aim was to target recent law graduates and legal professionals in their key markets: India, Thailand, Nigeria, the UK, Turkey, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Japan. The strategy revolved around understanding student motivations and barriers in each country and crafting tailored messages accordingly.

The Middle

In-depth analysis of recruitment data informed our approach and Meta served as a testing ground for propositions. Digital media channels were chosen strategically, with Meta and LinkedIn providing emotional engagement, as well as allowing for detailed programme information dissemination. Partnerships with Postgrad.com and LLMstudy.com facilitated reaching the niche audiences, ensuring a comprehensive awareness drive.

The End

The campaigns showcased remarkable results, with applications increasing by 8% compared to the previous year. The regular analysis of data allowed continuous optimisation. Meta and LinkedIn exceeded expectations, achieving strong Click-Through Rates (CTR) and conversions. Meta’s CTR peaked at 1.29%, demonstrating the effectiveness of the chosen platforms. The structured approach, starting with precise market analysis, crafting tailored messages, and leveraging strategic digital platforms, led to a successful campaign, highlighting the Law School’s global appeal.

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