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Queen Mary University of London – Best of Both Worlds

The Start:

Queen Mary Malta’s ‘Best of Both Worlds’ Campaign aimed to elevate the reputation and drive enrolment for Queen Mary in Malta, offering ambitious medical students the opportunity to pursue a top-tier UK medicine degree in the picturesque Mediterranean setting. Despite initial success, the challenge lay in sustaining growth momentum while meeting recruitment targets to ensure the programme’s long-term viability.

SMART Objectives:

  1. Increase Web Traffic: Raise awareness of the Malta Medicine MBBS programme among international students and influencers by increasing web traffic by 30%.
  2. Boost Applications: Achieve a 36% year-on-year increase in applications to drive overall interest in the programme.
  3. Improve Conversion Rate: Enhance the conversion rate of applications into enrolments from 8% to 10% to ensure a higher yield from qualified leads.
  4. Engage Current Students: Provide a platform for current students to share their experiences and engage prospective students.

The Middle:

Meticulously planned content strategy focused on creating compelling narratives resonating with the target audience. The content value proposition “The Best of Both Worlds” emphasised the unique combination of a prestigious UK degree and the idyllic setting of Malta.


Content pillars included Learning, Life, and Location, with specific pieces such as scenario-based quizzes…

Intimate interviews, and vibrant videos showcasing the culture and lifestyle in Malta and Gozo.

The End:

The campaign’s success was attributed to bold storytelling, immersive experiences, student empowerment, and a multifaceted approach. The campaign leveraged the island’s backdrop, student enthusiasm, local community, and staff flexibility. Commitment to EDI and sustainability was evident through featuring diverse locals and showcasing the rich tapestry of talent. Student feedback highlighted the impact of emails and ‘The Med’ content hub on their decision to study at Queen Mary Malta, showcasing the quality of the innovative and creative content.


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