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Queen Mary in Malta – Expert digital optimisations

Hunterlodge is worth millions in recruitment money to Queen Mary.

Harri Tatnell

Marketing Manager, MBBS Malta

The Start

We’re in our 4th recruitment cycle for Queen Mary University of London’s Malta Campus. As successful as it’s been, with a HEIST Silver Award for Best International Campaign in 2021 (see case study here), we’re constantly optimising our digital advertising to ensure we continue to hit recruitment targets to make the MBBS Malta sustainable and financially viable.

The Middle

As the March 2023 UCAS deadline approaches, we had recommended the following best practice additions to ensure we were making the most out of each of our channels.

  • TikTok: Addition of countdown functionality



  • Meta and Google: Messaging updates



The End

In just one week…

  • TikTok CTR increased by 54%
  • Meta CPA decreased by £9.62 (from £21.22 to £11.60)
  • Google Conversion Rate increased by 18%


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