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Pearson VUE – Promoting AWS Cloud Certifications in China

The Start

Pearson VUE faced a significant challenge: promoting AWS Cloud certifications to the discerning audience of Cloud computing enthusiasts in China. The goal was not just to increase awareness but to entice individuals with a compelling offer—a free exam retake.

The Middle

To tackle this challenge head-on, we collaborated with Ping Pong Digital. Together, we devised a comprehensive strategy that utilised various Chinese digital platforms:

WeChat: Leveraging the ubiquitous WeChat platform for its massive user base and engagement potential.

Zhihu: Targeting the intellectual crowd on Zhihu, a popular Q&A platform, to engage in meaningful conversations about AWS Cloud certifications.

Bilibili: Recognising the power of video content, Bilibili was chosen to utilise engaging video material.

Toutiao: A news aggregation platform, to showcase AWS Cloud certification news and updates.

Baidu: Utilising Baidu, the leading search engine in China, for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising to capture potential candidates actively searching for Cloud certification information.

The End

The implemented strategy yielded outstanding results, surpassing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) while maintaining remarkably low Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Mille (CPM). Analysing the data revealed significant insights:

  • Zhihu had the lowest CPM, indicating efficient spending on this platform.


  • Toutiao and Bilibili boasted the lowest CPC, maximizing the budget for high click-through rates.


  • Toutiao achieved the highest Click-Through Rate (CTR), demonstrating the effectiveness of the content in capturing the audience’s attention.


  • Despite slightly higher CPC and CPM, Baidu showed promising conversion rates, justifying the investment.


As a result, a strategic decision was made to allocate additional budget to Baidu PPC in May. This adjustment not only improved overall campaign performance but also exceeded the set KPIs. The campaign generated impressive click volumes: over 90,000 clicks on WeChat, 81,000 clicks on Zhihu, 610,000 clicks on Toutiao, and 430,000 clicks on Bilibili.


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