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Problem solved! Birkbeck smashes recruitment targets and wins CASE Grand Gold Award

“This campaign was so unique. It has such a fun, eye-catching and light-hearted approach that it gives the school an actual personality different than you expect in higher education. The multichannel approach is very strong. This was an exceptional submission that really stood out in strategy, outcome, and creativity.”

The CASE Judges

Creative Strategy

Birkbeck, University of London’s 2020 student recruitment campaign was derived from a deep exploration of who they are and what they stand for. Driven by their brand ethos and innovative mode of study – supporting working Londoners through evening lectures – ultimately they are solving problems for people who want to access world class education on their terms. The notion of being ‘Problem Solvers’ was seamlessly adopted as a brand mantra and so our creative journey could begin:

First, on Tube car panels and OOH we ask people to solve puzzles too:

This got updated at key times to drive pertinence:

For Halloween…


Valentine’s Day…


Was playfully executed in digital:


And utilised in TV to broaden reach and salience.


As you can see the results speak volumes, but also this was recognised by CASE as a Gold Grand Award Winning Campaign.

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