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Pearson – using digital to create awareness and drive engagement with BTEC Higher Nationals

No creative agency has shown me work like this before!

Jared Louw

Head of Marketing

Campaign Overview:

Objectives of the 2020 campaign

  1. Boost the recognition, brand equity and favourability of Higher Nationals in the UK to grow market share.
  2. Change the perception of Higher Nationals in the market.
  3. Entice potential students to question their choices, education options and what is best for them.

Creative Strategy

In a clutter market the critical criteria is to have create standout. We had to encourage students to re-think and consider all their options. Higher National have to be seen as an enabler – to achieve more, aim higher, go higher and exceed expectations. In short they have to enable you to ‘Dream Higher’…

Media Mix – included Spotify, Social (Facebook / Instagram), Programmatic (display and YouTube) and Retargeting

Spotify takeovers:

BTEC Higher Nationals 2020 Spotify Ads

Facebook Carousel Adverts:

BTEC Higher Nationals 2020 Facebook Ad

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