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Pearson BTEC – Empowering Futures with Higher Nationals

No creative agency has shown me work like this before!

Jared Louw

Head of Marketing

The Start

Pearson BTEC tasked us with bolstering recognition and appeal in the UK market for Higher Nationals – they were on a mission to reshape perceptions. Their goal was to inspire potential students, encouraging them to critically evaluate their education choices and envision brighter futures with Higher Nationals.

The Middle

In a fiercely competitive landscape, we utilised a comprehensive media mix. Spotify provided engaging audio experiences…


BTEC Higher Nationals 2020 Spotify Ads


While Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Programmatic ads, and Retargeting efforts offered broad reach and targeted visibility.

BTEC Higher Nationals 2020 Facebook Ad


Higher Nationals were presented as pathways to empowerment, urging students to dream higher and envision a future beyond their expectations. Compelling narratives across platforms became the cornerstone of their campaign, guiding students toward educational excellence.

The End

The results spoke volumes. Spotify achieved 899,154 impressions, resonating strongly with the 18-24 age group.

Facebook’s static newsfeed ad excelled, prompting a shift toward responsive ads and robust CTAs for retargeting efforts.

YouTube successfully fulfilled its brand awareness objectives.

Programmatic advertising surpassed expectations, generating an astonishing 539% more clicks than planned. Remarkably, the Retargeting audience achieved a remarkable 22% conversion rate with an incredibly low cost per conversion of £0.05.

This strategic approach led to 47,021 conversions at a spend of £6,573.03, resulting in a robust 6.42% conversion rate and solidifying Higher Nationals’ position as pioneers in higher education empowerment.


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