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Park Like A Pro! Using content to engage an audience…

We were recently tasked with producing video content for a major car brand’s Passenger Car Monthly Statements.

This content had to add further value and excitement to the Monthly Statements, increasing brand credibility and engaging with all their customers.

With customer engagement on the current Passenger Car Monthly Statements dropping and open rates slowing, we needed to give customers a reason to open, click and better yet, keep scrolling!

As this video content would be seen throughout the client’s agreement (which could range in length depending on the contract type) the content had to have longevity and be relevant to the customer while in keeping with the brand.

We devised this video content to give customers the very best tips and tricks on parking performance and proper vehicle maintenance, so that they could drive on with ease and enjoy their brand-new car.


With a little help from some pro driver friends, we took to the track and let our pros show us how it’s done.


The results, video content that was relevant, engaging and really transformed the Passenger Car Customer Monthly Statements, bringing them to life with some fresh, innovative thinking that was ideal for the client and their customers.

To discuss how we could help you bring your brand to life through video, please get in touch with nick.friend@hunterlodge.co.uk


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