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Orion Registrar, Inc – Building a PPC strategy in the US

The Start

Orion Registrar, Inc. works closely with its clients to help improve their service, quality and competitiveness within their market. Orion Certificates include ISO9001 (Quality Management Certification) and ISO14001 (Environmental Management Certification).

In November 2022 Orion Registrar, Inc was acquired by Amtivo Group. They had ambitions to deliver significant growth in the US market over the next 3-5 years.



We were tasked with helping to build a strategy and deliver activities in support of Orion in the US.

The Middle 

We conducted quantitative digital research through Similarweb, which gave us a comprehensive and insightful view of the market demand and competitive landscape.

From there we undertook thorough keyword research (geo-targeting, predictive modelling, demand & competition, seasonality and flighting). All this  provided essential insights to help us create our paid search structure, based on in-market demand for ISO certifications in the US.

We set up campaigns across 8 specific states (California, Florida, Colorado, Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, Georgia and Pennsylvania).

The End

The ‘Brand’ ad group continues to demonstrate the strength of the Orion brand, boasting an extraordinary high CTR of 30.43%.

Due to tactical daily optimisations we’ve managed to reduce the CPC across the board to $2.95 against an industry benchmark of $3.33.

Plus, our relentless pursuit of keyword research has facilitated the addition of new search terms, enhancing the likelihood of our ads resonating with more queries.

As we move into the next phase of our campaigning, it’s an opportune time to reassess and strategically channel more funds towards the high-achieving campaigns.

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