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Mercedes Benz Financial Services – A digital transformation journey

By the end of this year we were 142% ahead of target. You have been instrumental in changing our culture and approach.

Ella Tester

Digital and Communications Lead

Monitoring Customer Experience


The existing communications journey involved mainly unmeasurable print, wasn’t cost effective and did not embody the ongoing commitment to sustainability.

It needed a new digital approach which could maximise personalisation and deliver measurable results to understand levels of engagement.

Following the excitement of purchasing a new car, customers tended to lack understanding regarding the finance product purchased and were not interested in the associated financial arrangements. We wanted to monitor this customer interaction and ensure that the experience reflected the luxury brand touchpoints that customers expected.

New Approach

We implemented a customer-centric digital solution with bespoke emails and landing pages focusing on Welcome and End of Contract communications to educate and inspire.

Personalised URLs were used to drive engagement, deliver a quality touchpoint and optimise the customer experience – keeping things simple and making finances easy to understand.

Animated videos highlighted how MBFS would stay in touch throughout the agreement and set out next steps when getting close to the end of the agreement.

Clear options were given to manage the agreement with Mercedes Me finance, segmented by registered and unregistered customers.

Customer-centricity was a key factor – exceeding customer expectations and making sure communications were memorable but not intrusive, showing a level of understanding and empathy whilst cutting through the competition.


A test and refine strategy has seen all measurable elements show improvement over the campaign period.

Tests included time and day, preview text, subject lines and hero images with multiple variants per test.

Key metrics:

The campaign launched on 31st March 2021 and results below show overall KPIs to 26th January 2022 for all brands.

  • Email open rates – Welcome (81%) and EOC (74%)
  • Engagement – Total clicks to view video (55%)
  • Customer actions – 27% of all customers who opened an email have clicked through to MMF to register or log-in.
  • 25% of all customers who opened an EOC email have clicked through to the Online Showroom indicating intent in purchasing a new Mercedes-Benz.


The test and refine strategy will continue with future tests to include body content layout (re-ordering calls to action and new copy) and personalisation of videos and landing pages to improve the customer experience.


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