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McLaren: Digital Asset Management To Sell Beauty Globally

This is the fastest, smoothest digital launch we’ve ever had, so thank you.

Sammi McGuigan

Global Marketing Specialist

The Start

The McLaren marketing team were producing beautiful and inspiring marketing materials worthy of the cars they aimed to sell.

Unfortunately, they were being loaded to, and managed within, a prehistoric intranet that people just weren’t using. Instead, they were choosing to create new materials locally which was driving inconsistency and creating an unnecessary cost to the business. Portraying quality, consistently and cost effectively, across the globe was the main objective.

The Middle

We’ve been working with McLaren’s retail marketing team for some time now. This revolves around supporting over 80 retailers and 500 staff in 45 countries. Marketing assets for the retailers are critical to product sales and when you are talking a high specification car of £500K plus, the materials need to categorically sell the benefits of ownership.

Our process was:

1. Interview retailers to establish barriers and drivers

2. Define business and marketing objectives

3. Audit material – purpose and usage (>5,000 assets)

4. Categorise – develop material architecture

5. Specify and Scope – understand what McLaren needs now and next

6. Tagging and Tracking of assets for easy cataloguing and to enable ease of use

7. Develop and build the system integrations and asset management structures

8. Upload assets

9. User training – from ‘How to guides’ to telephone support

10. Promoting use of campaign / marketing / sales materials

The End

We’ve developed a fully-fledged DAM that not only hosts all marketing material for McLaren but also other business areas that have less focus on marketing assets.

The asset management portal allowed all insights and assets (from thought leadership pieces and product specification to sales presentations and ‘How to’ guides) to be easily uploaded, tagged, searched, managed, downloaded and their usage (by dealership, country, department, region and individual) reported on.

The Results

One example of the results achieved through asset sharing can be seen in McLaren’s launch of their 720S (P14), replacing the 650S in March 2017 at Geneva.

Pre-production sales orders led to all manufacturing production slots being sold out by the end of August 2017. And that’s just one success story! As well as the impact on enquiries and sales, a key metric was internal satisfaction and NPS. Within six months of launch, this has moved from 47% to 95% satisfaction with 5% arguably due to user error rather than system error.

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