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London School of Economics – Success through relentless campaign optimisation

Previously 9% of applicants were categorised as exceptional. Now, 60% of applicants are exceptional!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dina Dajani

Head of Marketing

The Start

Following a phased return from the pandemic, LSE Executive Education are back to running programmes on campus and were anticipating significant growth. They wanted an advertising strategy that would ensure they were in a strong position to meet their ambitious targets. The overall objective of the campaign was to generate and drive high quality applications and leads to LSE’s Executive Education programmes.

The Middle

Taking into consideration the campaign budget, duration, targeting and objectives, we recommend a purely digital media strategy for the campaign. Digital channels included Digital Press, Google Ads and Programmatic Display. These channels provided us with the ability to reach a highly targeted audience at scale in the most cost-effective manner.

The End

Across the 4-month campaign, we managed to reduce the CPC from £7.49 to £2.54 whilst maintaining high levels of impressions. This was achieved through continuous and relentless optimisations on all biddable channels, including; bid strategy changes, bid adjustments, updating of user search terms, negative key words, plus changes to location and device targeting.


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