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London South Bank University – “Show South London We Care”

Never before have PR, Social, Content, Outreach, CRM, Finance departments and our agency collaborated so well, all supporting and enhancing the campaign objectives. Our agency team even helped answer the phones during clearing.

Steven Brabenec

Director of Student Recruitment

The Start

London South Bank University (LSBU) faced challenges with declining applications, brand perception, and disengaged students. To address this, we utilised insight and data-driven strategies to target the youth audience effectively.

To gain a deeper understanding, we cross-referenced LSBU’s data with third-party sources such as Acorn, Mosaic, TGI, IPA Touchpoints, YouGov, and TSR.

This research revealed that the heartland audience consisted of 18-24-year-olds from lower affluent boroughs in London. It also highlighted their distrust of universities, lecturers, and the belief that a degree did not make a difference.


The Middle

We developed the strategy “Show South London we care” to rebuild belief in the university and resonate with students. This aimed to showcase the real impact LSBU had on students, graduates, academics, and communities. The campaign focused on authentic, emotive, and life-changing case studies rather than generic success stories.

The campaign featured LSBU alumni as heroes, sharing their inspiring stories that eliminated perceived barriers for prospective students. At the open day the aim was to establish LSBU as the university that offers realistic support and insight throughout their journey. We organised interactive sessions with student lecture pairs, workshops on financial planning, and engagement activities to help students plan their higher education journey effectively.

Well framed, well thought through authentic storytelling that was bang on brand.



The End

LSBU’s best-ever recruitment campaign with outstanding results:

The LSBU clearing campaign achieved remarkable results, with a significant increase in enrolments shown by a compelling “Hockey Stick” growth curve in UCAS and DataHE figures.


To find out more on how we can help you have your most successful Clearing ever (we even answer the phones!), contact nick.friend@hunterlodge.co.uk

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