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London School of Economics – Summer School Campaign

The Start

The challenge was clear – to build upon the previous years’ achievements and expand the recruitment efforts for the LSE Summer School. The goals were ambitious yet achievable: recruit students from both the UK and various international countries, drive awareness of the diverse course offerings, and ultimately meet a recruitment target of 6,250 students.

The Middle

Building upon the triumphant 2022 campaign, we maintained a consistent approach for the 2023 campaign. Our channel mix, including Meta, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Google Ads, remained a key driver of success. However, we didn’t stop there. We expanded our geographic targeting to encompass key cities across Australia and including Singapore and Mexico City.

Recognising the importance of timing, we implemented a UK-only extension following the planned end of the campaign in May. This extension was strategically designed to capture the interest of late home applicants, ensuring no opportunity was left untapped.

The End

The results spoke volumes about the effectiveness of our approach:

We smashed the enrolment target of 6,250, with 6,600 enrolled students.


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