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London School of Economics – Inspiring Business Leaders Through Authenticity

We really want to continue to rely on your expertise and insight to continue to make great progress.

London School of Economics

The Start

LSE’s ground-breaking Executive Master’s in Social Business and Entrepreneurship (EMSBE) goes beyond traditional business degrees by putting social purpose at the heart of business education, integrating sophisticated management training with a genuine commitment to social impact.

Conceived as an antidote to the MBA, the programme is aimed at students who wish to combine entrepreneurialism and business rigour with a commitment to public benefit, and conversely those who want to bring a social focus to business.

We were tasked with reaching business leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit and generating high quality applications and enquiries from UK, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Latin America and North America.

The Middle

What three words would you use to describe LSE’s Executive Masters Programme? This was the question put to students as they emerged from a day on campus. We hoped to capture impromptu, off-the-cuff moments to make the course feel authentic.

Taking into consideration the campaign budget, duration, international targeting and objectives, we planned a purely digital media strategy for the campaign.

Linked In, Reddit, Google and Programmatic Display provided us with the ability to reach our highly targeted audience at scale in the most cost-effective manner.

The End

We delivered and promoted a series of videos that brought to life the cutting edge curriculum through an all-encompassing look at LSE’s Executive Masters Programme, featuring interviews with the course director, teaching staff and current students. The videos take viewers inside the classroom to capture the passion and pedigree you get when studying at LSE.

We filmed LSE’s visiting fellow Aunnie Patton Power who discussed her role on the programme. Her expertise is impact investing and funding, a relatively new concept in the business world. She’s all about practical advice, which is a big draw to students.

We also filmed Professor Stephan Chambers, Director of the Marshall Institute at LSE, and Senior Lecturer Kerryn Krige. They discussed the global nature of the course, why the changing world needs the new ways of thinking taught through the course, and what students can expect.

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