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LGT Wealth Management – UK Brand Awareness Campaign

The Start:

LGT Wealth Management aimed to enhance brand visibility and profile in the UK market through a targeted and compelling brand campaign. The focus was on quality over quantity, aiming for discreet and strategic activities rather than maximising visibility across all audiences. The campaign sought to establish LGT as a trusted wealth management partner, emphasising reach, emotional connection, and mental availability.

The Middle: 

The campaign strategy employed a mix of digital channels tailored to reach specific segmented audiences effectively. Utilising Programmatic Advertising, Linked In, Out-of-Home (OOH), Digital Audio, Podcast Audio Ads, Mobile (through AdMaxim), and Online Display through partners including The Financial Times, Fifty, and Captify, LGT aimed to maximise brand exposure while ensuring relevance to local audiences.

Creatively, the campaign centered around a singular proposition: ‘The ART of LGT Wealth Management,’ complemented by three content pillars: ‘Craft,’ ‘Curate,’ and ‘Nurture.’ This approach reframed the narrative, allowing LGT to share information in a compelling and engaging manner, resonating deeply with the target audience.

The End: 

The campaign yielded exceptional results, surpassing expectations across key performance indicators:

  • Impressions: The campaign over-delivered on total expected impressions by an impressive 73%, showcasing the effectiveness of the chosen channels in reaching the target audience.
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): The total click-through-rate exceeded planned totals by an outstanding 193%, indicating strong engagement and interest from the audience.
  • Clicks: Total clicks obtained surpassed expectations by 38%, demonstrating the campaign’s ability to drive meaningful interactions and generate interest in LGT Wealth Management among UK audiences.

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