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Leading the way in Financial Services customer communications

The Start

Our client is a leading German Automotive and Financial Services company. They had major customer and compliance issues in terms of being clear and concise with their communications. There was also no consistency at all with the mother brand which has a strong reputation for quality.

The Middle

We evaluated the requirement and drew the conclusion that we had to create a strong affinity with their brand. In a nutshell they lead the world with their attention to detail and quality. We therefore created and delivered a brand ethos and approach that would ensure that their financial product offering reflected exactly this. We also uncovered that customers were frustrated with not receiving relevant information – often being sent out months after the purchase of a vehicle.

The End

Whilst writing in a more conversation way, we set up a leading marketing automation process that ensured that all communications were triggered the day the financial services agreement was signed. This means that customers now get every piece of information relevant to them delivered to their door or inbox within a week of signing an agreement. All of this comes together to ensure our client leads the way when it comes to consumer duty.

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