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Leading Edge, A Podcast by Henley Business School

One of the biggest challenges for business leaders is how to inspire. The need for leadership support drove Henley’s Podcast series and resulted in phenomenal engagement.

The Challenge

As we approach the 3rd decade of the century, the way we do business is changing faster than ever and our leaders need to be able to be flexible, adapt and lead from the front in terms of inspiring innovation.

Because Henley was taking a more account based approach to sales, senior influencers in organisations were more important to us than ever before. The brief was to raise awareness for Executive Education through showing Henley as the go to solution for tackling the leadership challenges of 2020 and beyond.



More and more B2B brands are using podcasts to increase brand awareness, parade thought leadership and generate new business.

They give brands like Henley an opportunity to show their human face and engage with listeners in a slower, more thoughtful way. Plus they align well to the exploration of brand values, providing a platform for longer term recall and recognition.


Finding A Suitable Host

Once we had agreed on podcasts as the destination for our campaign and on the name ‘Leading Edge’, we then uncovered an up and coming tech and business journalist, in Thomas Mason to host the podcast.



Choosing the Right Topics

Both of the series focussed on of the moment topics including; how music can help you deal with the unpredictable, why business leaders need to start thinking about their biases and why stepping in and out of the leadership role is a good thing. You can listen to all the podcasts here: hly.ac/leadingedge


Launching the Podcasts

We launched both Series 1 & 2 with trailers in paid channels including programmatic, social (Linked In, Facebook and Instagram) as well as audio ads on other related podcasts.



Series Trailers



Right Place, Right Time

By following our strategic planning principles of ‘The Journey of Persuasion’, we could ensure our channels were achieving specific goals in the customer journey and aligning to fulfil overall campaign objectives.





Advertising to our Audience 

Our media recommendations initially covered integrated Offline and Digital channels, across both upper-funnel channels to drive awareness and consideration and lower-funnel channels. This was to ensure that we could drive action and response to Leading Edge as well as Henley Business school Executive Education as a whole.


But was it a Success?

Not only did the podcast reflect the quality of Henley, but it was well received by senior stakeholders internally. Amongst our audience we had a consistently high following with nearly 400 subscribers and 4,972 downloads for the first series.

Year on year organic traffic to the website was up by 71%. The campaign also gave us a much better understanding of our audience, what interests them and what content works well which all fed in to series 2.

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