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Launching the Wallacea Living Marketing Programme

The Start

Wallacea Living embarked on its marketing journey with a mission to introduce a new kind of luxury independent living, focusing on the well-being of individuals of retired or soon-to-be retirees, residing within a 3-mile radius of W2 1BY, homeowners, with middle-aged children and possibly grandchildren. These individuals were characterised as London lovers, well-traveled, and wanting to remain active in their later years.

Objectives: 1) Drive brand awareness of Wallacea Living and its unique offering; 2) Achieve a minimum of 50 event signups for the Marketing Suite launch on November 16, 2023.

The Middle

The communication and messaging strategy revolved around the Integrated Retirement Community (IRC) concept and the Wallacea Living tagline:

“Wallacea Living – The time of your later life.”


The media strategy included channels such as Search, Meta, Online Content, Print, Direct Mail (DM), and Mobile.


The End

The success of the Wallacea Living marketing campaign during its initial phase was marked by impressive metrics. The campaign delivered a total of 1,700,080 impressions, capturing the attention of the target demographic. The average click-through rate (CTR) stood at an encouraging 2.53%, signifying a positive response from the audience.

Google Ads showed month-over-month improvement, attributed to meticulous optimisation efforts in targeting, keywords, bids, and extensions. Achieving a 10% CTR in such a competitive sector is considered brilliant.

On the other hand, Meta proved to be highly effective in building brand awareness, capturing a significant 96% of impressions on this platform. The increased presence of brand media played a pivotal role in enhancing overall brand visibility.

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