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Hyper-targeted campaigns to help outdoor enthusiasts explore with OS Mapping App

“It was a great team effort from everyone involved – from the design and build through to the incredible marketing that you guys have done!”

Lee Newton

Head of Leisure

Creative Strategy

We also knew that, for most, time constraints serve as the biggest barrier to that participation: work, college or family commitments get in the way. We realised that our messages would best cut-through when delivered in the context of those other commitments, bringing to mind their favoured pursuits while they’re engaged in the very things that prevent their participation.


We chose images that reflected the audiences urban reality at any given time – a train, a high street or tube station deploying the map symbol ‘You are here’. To convey empathy, we juxtaposed those images with others reflective of the Great Outdoors – places they’d rather be – deploying an alternative map symbol ‘when your heart lies here’.


Utilising SkyAdsmart and VoD channels we launch with a hyper-targeting TV campaign to outdoor enthusiasts:


We broadened targeting via digital and social channels:


In owned space, we produced educational animations to help consumers understand app usage:


Winner Best Digital Product, Outdoor Industry Awards.

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