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Henley’s Heist GOLD Award Winning ‘PG’ Campaign

Wouldn’t have been possible without you and HL team. Glad the submission did the campaign justice. Great teamwork.

Chris Rice

Head of Recruitment Marketing

The Start

We were tasked with raising awareness of Henley’s postgraduate course opportunities and with that creating a real social buzz. To do this, the first thing we asked ourselves was Why?

More precisely, why would someone in their early 20s start to discuss postgraduate opportunities at Henley?

With a highly competitive market, we knew we needed to be brave, hard hitting and thought provoking with our creative and clever with our media placements.

Our target audience were early 20yr olds with 1-2yrs work experience, predominantly living at home but commuting on a regular basis to and from London for work. We needed to get them questioning themselves: Did I study the right course at Uni? Should I be standing on my own two feet by now? In 3 years from now, I’ll be… (complete the sentence)

The Middle

Creatively we decided that if the work polarised opinion then that was no bad thing – some people might not get it – but if it provoked a healthy discussion about its meaning then that was the hardest part of the job achieved. We landed on a proposition of: ‘Take stock of your current situation, then go again with Henley’.

We focussed the media budget on OOH placements to maximise impact and cut-through, whilst not spreading ourselves thinly across too many media channels. Alongside Great Western Railway, we incorporated activity across key commuter stations with large footfall along the M4 corridor including; Paddington, Reading, Didcot Parkway, Maidenhead and Slough.

We were brave in our approach to CTA’s going for punch and brand strength and forcing people to search organically. This would mean that not only have they chosen to interact with Henley but had done so without being prompted by Henley directly.

The End

During the core campaign period new organic visitors to the website increased by 25% compared against the same period in 2018. More importantly, visits to the postgraduate pages also increased overall year on year by 34%. Increased traffic and interest led to an increase of 39% in UK PGT applications and 28% increase in UK PGT enrolments.

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