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Henley Business School – Creating a brand with cut-through

The VC said that this is the proudest he has been of his brand and seeing it in lights at Reading Station topped it all.

Julia Massey

Director of Marketing & Sales

The Start: 

Henley Business School, a renowned institution with a rich history, aspired to be recognised as ‘the most interesting business school in the world.’ The challenge lay in translating this vision into a compelling brand identity. We were entrusted with the task of aligning Henley’s core values and objectives with its captivating vision.

The Middle:

Delving into Henley’s post-World War 2 origins, we found inspiration in its practical, community-focused approach.

The brand ethos, encapsulated in the tagline, was meticulously crafted, drawing from the institution’s historical roots. This ethos became the foundation upon which the brand’s personality, attitude, and voice were built, allowing Henley to share interesting opinions and establish a distinctive identity.

The End:

We executed a phased approach, beginning internally with workshops to secure buy-in from all departments. Comprehensive brand guidelines were developed, and all essential materials, including brochures, event materials, emails, and the website, were updated. The new brand was introduced through strategic content seeding across social and native advertising channels, tailored to different audience segments. A bold out-of-home campaign, complemented by targeted below-the-line initiatives, specifically reached out to Undergraduate, Postgraduate, MBA and Executive Education audiences.











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