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Hard Rock Hotel – Launch on Oxford Street

THIS IS AWESOME! Thank you so much for the quick turnaround as well as your tenacity and patience.

Jenny Shipton

Brand and Marketing Director

The Start

Hard Rock Hotels span the globe, rooted in the spirit of music that all began with a guitar donated by rock legend Eric Clapton to London’s original Hard Rock Cafe. Welcoming guests from all walks of life to VIPs, every Hard Rock Hotel takes the spirit of its destination and blends it with a vibrant collection of music and memorabilia.

Originally tasked with a recruitment drive for hotel workers in Central & Greater London, our briefs expanded to include brand awareness campaigns to reach potential guests across the UK and US.

The Middle

Our approach to drive recruitment was to reach current experienced hotel workers in the London area, who would be interested in working for the exciting brand of Hard Rock. We began by raising awareness of the recruitment drive in Central London through use of Out of Home formats, such as London Taxi wraps, print ads in The Metro and targeted Facebook posts.

To take the campaign further, at the same time we began collecting anonymised geo-fenced mobile data on workers at other London hotels, by tracking users who had been in hotels consistently over a 4-week period, therefore ensuring we weren’t just monitoring hotel guests. We then served mobile display ads to those same mobiles when users were browsing online and in apps.


To drive awareness of the hotel opening to potential guests, we deployed further integrated multichannel campaigns, including the use of paid social, digital display, print, Out Of Home.



And a paid partnership with Absolute Radio.



“It has been a pleasure to work with Hard Rock on their London Hotel opening campaign. Hard Rock is a brand which encapsulates everything Absolute radio stands for honouring rock legends across the decades and paying homage to the very best real music. We look forward to working together again”. Absolute Radio


Such was the success of the campaigns, our briefs have expanded to include reaching a US audience, through print and digital campaigns, with premium titles such as Condé Nast Traveler, paid social and native digital content partnerships with premium publishers.



The End

The initial recruitment burst performed exceptionally well and led to the majority of advertised positions being filled, with subsequent briefs tasking us to fill new support function positions within the hotel. Digital activity across paid social and mobile drove click-through-rates of quality leads significantly above average industry benchmarks.

Our brand campaigns across the UK and US markets have been proven to raise awareness of the hotel’s opening, through pre and post research and social listening monitoring. We have also experienced in-channel engagement levels above expectations and bookings in advance of the hotel’s opening have surpassed original targets.

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