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Getting Outside with Ordnance Survey

The GetOutside app aims to encourage people to get outside more often, which sits at the heart of everything Ordnance Survey do.


GetOutside is a new initiative founded by Ordnance Survey and launched by Hunterlodge in the second part of 2020.

The aim of the initiative is to help more people to get outside more often, which sits at the heart of everything Ordinance Survey do. It is a topic now very much in the limelight which supports health & fitness and mental wellbeing, during a time when we are all under unwarranted pressure & uncertainty.

The client tasked Hunterlodge with driving downloads for the new GetOutside App, which sits among other app offerings such as the popular OS Maps App. With launching a new product during a pandemic, we were uncertain how it would perform alongside evolving regulations on social distancing and lockdowns. We were also tasked with targeting a new younger, family-oriented audience which sits apart from our core OS audience.


Due to budget limitations and pressure on hitting our targets, we chose a digital only approach across Social & Programmatic Display where we tracked & optimised user clicks through to download.  We recommended a combination of Premium Publisher Display Inventory which included Contextual & Behavioural targeting towards family outdoor enthusiasts as well as App data.

We ran multiple creative formats and used various segmented audiences to help deliver appropriate creative & messaging to each group.  We also had a burst of Influencer posts and stories to drive further interest. Finally, we boosted the campaign by promoting alongside National GetOutside Day on the 27th September and running a competition to push leads and website traffic.

Time Frame

The campaign was initially planned for 2 months and then extended for a further two months, running to the end of October. It is currently on hold due to the Lockdown which started in January.


The campaign was so successful that our targets were revised and stretched. We had an incredible conversion rate of nearly 65% and a CTR 0.55% overall. Our Cost per App Install was as low as £1.12 and our programmatic results exceeded targets by over 79%. At the end of the campaign, we had reached double our original forecast number of downloads.

At Hunterlodge

As an Agency, all working remotely and inspired by the initiative & campaign, we ran our own take on theirs with a Get Outside Challenge.  To encourage general fitness & wellbeing amongst colleagues, we boosted morale and lifted spirits with a competition. Teams had to compete to ‘Get Outside’ & exercise to cover the greatest distance over a set time period.  It became very competitive and motivated everyone to take a break from their screens. In total, 2,222 miles were completed over 6 weeks which is the equivalent to walking and cycling from London to Cairo.  We also managed to raise £346 for NABs.

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