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Ordnance Survey – Get Outside Campaign

We’ve been overwhelmed by the response from the National GetOutside Day campaign and wanted to reach out and say a huge thank you for all your support.

Liz Beverly

Strategic Lead

The Start

Amid the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ordnance Survey introduced GetOutside, a revolutionary initiative encouraging outdoor exploration for enhanced health and mental well-being. Tasked with promoting the new GetOutside App, our goal was to drive downloads among a younger, family-oriented audience during a period of uncertainty and evolving social restrictions.

The Middle

Navigating budget constraints, we adopted a digital-focused strategy, leveraging Addressable TV, Social & Programmatic Display. By utilising Premium Publisher Display Inventory and App data, we meticulously tailored our approach to engage family outdoor enthusiasts.

We also incorporated Influencer posts via Tribe, yielding an impressive 4.12% engagement rate and £0.23 CPE. Our campaign synergised with National GetOutside Day, complemented by a compelling competition, inincreasing leads and website traffic.


The End

The campaign surpassed all expectations, achieving a remarkable 65% conversion rate and an overall CTR of 0.55%. With a Cost per App Install as low as £1.12, programmatic results outperformed targets by 79%. Surpassing initial forecasts, the GetOutside App witnessed double the anticipated downloads, marking a triumph in digital outreach.

At Hunterlodge:

Inspired by the campaign, our team at Hunterlodge embarked on our own Get Outside Challenge. Fostering fitness and well-being among colleagues, we initiated a friendly competition. The teams undertook the challenge to ‘Get Outside,’ covering distances equivalent to walking and cycling from London to Cairo. Through this endeavor, we not only boosted team morale but also raised £346 for NABs, showcasing the impact of our campaign beyond the digital realm.





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