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London Gatwick – Northern Runway Project

“Gatwick has now received the go ahead to proceed to the next stage in bringing their existing Northern Runway into regular use.”

The Start

The London Gatwick campaign aimed to engage stakeholders in the economic and employment opportunities that airport growth could bring. Their objectives included targeted stakeholder engagement, a pre-submission drive, advocate development, and addressing any concerns. The campaign envisioned broad involvement, from politicians to industry professionals across the UK.

The Middle

Early in 2020, Crawley thrived as an economically successful town, home to London Gatwick. However, pandemic-induced flight halts left the community struggling, ranking 8th in benefit claimants. As Gatwick rekindled travel possibilities, this campaign sought to shift perceptions. A plane’s take off became a symbol of potential rather than noise, reflecting Gatwick’s positive impact.

The success of previous campaigns prompted a similar strategy with refined channel selection. Digital, TV, and radio channels (Digital Audio Exchange (DAX), Bauer, Spotify and local radio) were leveraged for awareness, consideration, and quality website traffic. Digital flexibility and granular targeting enhanced campaign effectiveness.

The End

London Gatwick secured approval to proceed with its planning application for the Northern Runway, marking a significant milestone. The campaign’s journey reflects the airport’s commitment to economic growth, stakeholder engagement, and community well-being. The “possibilities over noise” concept shifted perspectives, and the strategic campaigns contributed to Gatwick’s progress. The journey showcases Gatwick’s dedication to responsible expansion and its positive role in the community.

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