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DFM by Marriott International – Creating a brand with stand out

You’ve done an amazing job in all fields and I’m very happy and proud. We’ve only had positive comments from the wider teams.

Pavlos Foskolakis

Senior Manager – Digital Field Marketing, Southern Europe

The Start

We were tasked with creating a new brand identity for Digital Field Marketing (DFM) (Marriott International’s in house digital marketing service) that would fully encapsulate the spirit of the DFM team – from their work ethos; to the diverse team; it’s boundless energy; efficient digital solutions; and earned status as an expert extension of hotel and client teams within Marriott.

The Middle

Through collaborative brainstorming sessions, we explored all elements that make up the brand including the Golden Circle (How/Why/What) and Brand Tower (Vision/Mission/Values).

Then from there we boiled it all down into an emotive and compelling  Brand Story and a proposition “Digital Marketing with you in mind”. This was the jumping off point for the creative approach, logo design, brand guidelines and tone of voice.

The End

Throughout the process all 70+ employees within DFM were taken on the brand development journey, with senior stakeholders given the opportunity to feed into and shape the process. The ‘Teaser’ video with new logo reveal was presented to the company at their year-end conference held in Dubai, to rapturous applause.

From there we developed a full brand video which the entire company could be proud of and use as a sales tool to explain their services to Marriott Group of hotels around the world.

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