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Birkbeck, University of London – 200 Year Anniversary Campaign

Thanks to Hunterlodge for getting the creative just right.

Lynn Grimes

Director of Marketing & External Relations

The Start

Birkbeck, University of London is incredibly proud to be approaching its 200th anniversary. Many organisations do not survive 200 years, but even fewer do so in a manner that their founders would recognise.

We were tasked with strategically and creatively exploring their anniversary celebrations and maximising this milestone…

The Middle

Through collaborative workshops we refined a brand story…

200-years-ago George Birkbeck was at the Crown and Anchor Tavern on the Strand when he declared higher education had to change. Change for the good of working London. Concepts like equity, diversity, social and political justice sat firmly at the centre of George Birkbeck’s ideas. And despite the public and political backlash, he stood firm. He didn’t change. Not his aim. Not his mind. Not his ethos. He didn’t change the course of Birkbeck. For 200 hundred years Birkbeck, University of London has maintained this vision. Unchanged by scientific, social, political or human evolution. And by not changing, we changed the world.

With the proposition ‘By not changing, we have changed’ we then developed some powerful creative utilising successful alumni stories, that would be flexible enough to work for both Home and International audiences across  Digital audio, Programmatic, Meta, TikTok and OOH.

The End










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